Siena Duomo

Sitting atop Siena’s highest point, the Duomo is a beautiful white and green-marble delight.  As I often do here, I look at this 13th century structure in awe of what they accomplished with the available tools.  Recognized as one of the most fascinating facades in all of Italy, the cathedral is the most impressive building in Siena.

Siena duomo exterior

Unlike the Duomo in Firenze, the interior of Siena’s duomo is as ornate as its exterior.

Siena duomo interior

We felt so lucky to be able to see the inlaid artwork on the floor.  Most of the year it is covered to protect it, but in October it is uncovered.  This year it was also uncovered in September in honor of Expo 2015.

Siena duomo floor

I never realized how damaging soot from candles was until we saw the frescoes in the Piccolomini Library.  They have never been restored but still look bright because the large windows in the room made candles unnecessary.

siena duomo ceiling

Large, beautifully decorated sheets of music line the walls of the Piccolomini Library.  These were used before individual hymnals were available.

Siena duomo music

We started our day with a walk through a new part of Siena,

Siena duomo walk

a delightful mid-walk coffee break at our neighborhood coffeeshop,

Siena duomo treat

and a stroll through the huge, weekly market.

Siena duomo market